Advanced Aircraft Electronics

NAV, COM, ELT Antenna, from Advanced Aircraft Electronics, aae-vhf-5t

NAV, COM, ELT Antenna

Due September
Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

NAV, COM, ELT Antenna, Advanced Aircraft Electronics

Antenna Length 43", Coax exits balun so it may be routed flat along the mounting surface.

Advanced Aircraft Electronics Inc offers a series of aircraft antennas specifically designed to be used without a ground plane. These antennas are designed to operate with the modern radios installed in today's composite airframes. Just bond them in and connect the coax, don't use a ground plane. This means that composite aircraft and fabric covered aircraft can now have their antennas mounted completely within the structure.

Laboratory measurements show them to have better electrical characteristics than currently available products. The unanimous reports from pilots who have been using them confirm that they outperform everything now available in the industry.

One antenna model works for communication, navigation and for ELT (Three antennas in the aircraft, but all the same design), and this design is tolerant to installation errors.

This antenna is also ideal for restorations of antique and classic aircraft when you don't want an exposed whip antenna.

  • Permanent installation is inside the airframe and is done with common adhesive.
  • Lifetime guarantee (Manufacturer will repair or replace the original owner's antenna).
  • Antenna weights are less than half the weight of conventional antennas.