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71" Dolphin Trainer Turbine Jet ARF, with Tailpipe & Landing Gear, Orange/Purple

71" Dolphin Trainer Turbine Jet ARF, with Tailpipe & Landing Gear, Orange/Purple

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Item:   PRC DOL71-08-LG
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71" Dolphin Trainer Turbine Jet ARF, Orange/Purple, by Pilot RC
Includes: UAT, Landing Gear, Tailpipe & Hardware

Built for a 60 Size Turbine Engine (Jet Central Bee II KS, JetCat P60-SE)

  • Balsa wood and Oracover (Ultracote) covering construction
  • Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spar.
  • Two pieces wing.
  • Aluminum tube for stabilizer.
  • Removable stabilizer.
  • Factory pre-installed hinges
  • Super light and strong
  • Every airframe includes an Air Trap (UAT)
  • Single Servo Setup: One Servo for each flap, each aileron, each elevator, for rudder, for front wheel
  • Dual wall tail pipe for 6-8kg turbine
  • Strong electric retractable landing gear with electric brakes
  • Removable SFG included
  • Standard wing is designed for jet beginners, easy to fly and land
  • Optional Navigational LED lighting with included programmer and Wiring
71" Dolphin Setup Information:
  • Operating Guide for the Retract Controller
  • Manual for those with PNP 6Kg Swiwin Turbines Installed
  • Turbine Battery: No larger than a 2s 7.4v LiPo
  • Receiver and Landing Gear Battery: 2s 7.4v LiPo
  • Aileron is 18 both up and down
  • Elevator is 18 up and 15 down
  • Flap max 36 Deg down
  • Rudder 25 both ways
  • Flap/Elevator/Aileron mix is 36 Degree flap with Max 2.5 degree down elevator and 16 degree up aileron for landing.
  • Flap/Elevator mix is 25 Degree flap with Max 1.5 degree down for take off. for maiden flight do not use the flap to take off.
  • The CG is 205mm from the front leading edge on the root of the wing.

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Dolphin Jet - Ultracote Replacement Colors
-01 Thunderbird Blue/White-02 Silver/Yellow/Red-03 Silver/Gold/Blue-04 Red/White
White - HAN U870Silver Grey - HAN U881Flame Red - HAN U883Flame Red - HAN U883
Flame Red - HAN U883Light Grey - HAN U882White - HAN U870White - HAN U870
Midnight Blue - HAN U885Flame Red - HAN U883Light Grey - HAN U882Silver Grey - HAN U881
 Yellow - HAN U872Silver Grey - HAN U881Black - HAN U874
 Black - HAN U874Pearl Blue - HAN U845 
  Gold - HAN U879 

-05 Green/Yellow-06 Blue/White-07 Charcoal/Red-08 Orange/Purple
Midnight Blue - HAN U885White - HAN U870White - HAN U870Orange - HAN U877
Silver Grey - HAN U881Silver Grey - HAN U881Silver Grey - HAN U881Pearl Purple - HAN U847
Apple Green - HAN U903Deep Blue - HAN U873Charcoal - HAN U846Silver Grey - HAN U881
Black - HAN U874Black - HAN U874Flame Red - HAN U883Black - HAN U874
  • Wingspan: 72 in(1.84M)
  • Wing Area: 972 sq in(6270sq cm)
  • Fuselage Length: 71 in(1.8M)
  • Weight: 16.7 lbs(7.6kg)
  • Engine: 13-17 lbs (6-8kg) turbine, 60 Size Turbine Recommended
Swiwin 6kg Turbine Specifications:
  • Size: 84mm
  • Total length: 232mm
  • Total body weight: 820 g
  • Speed: 50,000-160,000
  • Standard thrust: 6 kg
  • Rated exhaust temperature: 650 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum throttle fuel consumption: 200 g / min
  • Fuel: diesel or kerosene
  • Lubricants: 5% Mobil Pegasus II
  • Regular maintenance cycle: every 25 hours
Note: Due to constant design improvements Pilot RC reserves the right to change and modify design specifications without notice. Pilot's goal is to provide you with the highest performing airframes in the world using the latest technology, building techniques and materials.
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