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ASH 31 Sailplane 6.4m ARF

ASH 31 Sailplane 6.4m ARF

Due July

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Hangar 9 ASH 31 Sailplane 6.4m ARF

  • Pure scale sailplane for towing, slope soaring or self-launching with the electric power option
  • Elite Series fully-molded, all-composite construction to deliver unmatched fit, finish and performance
  • Constructed with layered carbon fiber and other premium composite materials
  • High-gloss, painted-in-the-mold finish for an outstanding appearance
  • Four-piece wing plus included wing bags for easy transportation and storage
  • Heavy-duty carbon fiber main wing joiner and carbon fiber wing tip joiners
  • Removable stabilizer for even easier storage and transportation
  • Factory-completed control surface hinging and control horn installation
  • Factory-installed proportional electric spoilers, electric retract and gear doors
  • Integrated tail wheel and wingtip wheels with fairings
  • Includes tow-release mechanism (servo required and sold separately)
  • Includes cockpit tub and instrument panel decal (optional pilot figure sold separately)
  • Hidden quick-release canopy hatch mechanism
  • Includes cockpit tub and instrument panel decal (optional pilot figure sold separately)
  • Decal set included
  • Color Scheme May Vary

Needed to Complete

  • Full-range, 7+ channel transmitter and receiver (12+ channel w/all options)
  • (2) thin-wing servos; (4) mini servos; (1) tow-release servo
  • 6.6–7.4V receiver battery and a power switch

What's in the box?

  • (1) Elite Series ASH 31 6.4m ARF
  • (1) Spoilers (proportional electric, factory-installed)
  • (1) Retract (electric, factory-installed)
  • (1) User Manual

Few model aviation activities compare to the thrill of RC soaring. Even when standing on the ground, the seemingly simple experience of finding lift with a sailplane model can be nothing short of breathtaking. The Hangar 9® Elite Series ASH 31 6.4m ARF is a giant-scale marvel that combines fully-molded construction with premium quality and performance to deliver a large-scale sailplane experience with unexpected simplicity and versatility.

The Hangar 9® Elite Series ASH 31 6.4m ARF sailplane delivers a premium experience with elegance and innovative convenience that makes flying a giant-scale glider simple. Like its full-size counterpart, all-composite, fully-molded construction is meticulously engineered to deliver an accurate scale outline and stunning appearance plus unmatched fit, finish and performance so you can soar it as an authentic replica, sport fly it for fun, or even perform aerobatics for a giant-scale experience like no other.

Unlike many other all-composite sailplanes in its class, the Elite Series ASH 31 6.4m ARF is delivered with a higher level of factory completion so your time at the workbench is minimal because all of the “hard” work has already been done for you. Included features like the electric retract and gear doors, plus the proportional electric spoilers, come factory installed. And all of the control surface hinging and control horn installation has also been completed at the factory.

Haven’t got a tow plane available? No problem! Have a blast at the slope. Or even better yet; the ASH 31 can be set up as a self-launching motor glider. Just install the practical E-flite® Power 60 brushless motor, an ESC and a single 4S to 6S, 5000mAh to 7000mAh battery with the recommended 16x10 folding propeller and there’s enough ground clearance for ROG take offs from suitable surfaces. Use the flaps and spoilers together to explore short field takeoff and landing capabilities. Then soar to find lift, cruise for relaxing sport flying or perform aerobatics including loops, rolls, stall turns and more. And despite its incredible 21-foot (6.4m) wingspan, convenience features including a four-piece wing and a stabilizer that mounts with just a few screws make the model easy to store, transport and enjoy. This all adds up to a large-scale sailplane that delivers premium quality and performance, with unexpected simplicity and versatility, so you can enjoy a giant-scale experience that’s second to none.

Hangar 9® Elite Series
Hangar 9 Elite Series aircraft feature fully-molded, composite construction that ensures an unmatched level of strength and durability, plus the fit, finish and stunning appearance that simply can’t be achieved with other types of construction. The end result is a premium level of quality and uncompromised flight performance that expands on everything you’ve come to expect from Hangar 9.

And because Elite Series aircraft are painstakingly handcrafted to exacting standards, quantities are often limited due to the additional time it takes to produce each one. That in mind we strongly recommend pre-ordering/backordering as soon as possible, and no deposit or prepayment is required when you do. Hangar 9® Elite Series

Electric Power Option
To make the ASH 31 more versatile and even easier to operate, an electric power system featuring an E-flite® Power 60 motor, a compatible ESC and a single 4S, 5S or 6S 5000-7000mAh Li-Po battery can be installed (all sold separately) so it’s possible to launch without the assistance of a tow plane. The recommended spinner is contoured to match the scale outline and, along with the recommend 16x10 carbon fiber folding propeller, can be painted so it’s nearly invisible in flight. Best of all there’s enough ground clearance so you can ROG takeoff from suitable surfaces, and more than enough power for fast climbs to altitude and for performing power-on aerobatics.

All-Composite Airframe
The outstanding fit and finish of a fully-molded, all-composite airframe is well known. Not only is it a tribute to the construction of the full-scale, it also delivers an accurate scale outline along with strength, durability and precise flight performance that can’t be achieved with other types of construction. Plus the ASH 31 is painted in the mold so it’s delivered with an incredible finish, and unlike most other models in its class, it’s also delivered with a higher level of factory completion so your time at the workbench is minimal because the “hard” work has been done for you. The electric retract, gear doors and proportional electric spoilers are factory-installed, while all of the control surface hinging and control horn installation has also been completed at the factory so you can be in the air as quickly as possible.

  • Airfoil Shape: Custom
  • Approximate Assembly Time: 15-20 Hours
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Flying Weight: 26 lbs (11.8 Kg)
  • Length: 2.2m (88 in)
  • Material: Composite
  • Minimum Required Radio: 6 channel
  • Minimum Speed Control: 80A
  • Motor Size: Power 60
  • Propeller Size: 16x10 Folding Prop
  • Recommended Motor Battery: 6S 5000-7000 Mah Lipo
  • Recommended Receiver Battery: 2000mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo Receiver Battery
  • Retracts: Optional
  • Servos: Spektrum 7050 x2 and Spektrum 5060 x4
  • Spinner Size: 45mm
  • Wing Area: 1920 sq in (123.87 sq dm)
  • Wingspan: 6.4m (252 in)
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