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Hacker X-55 SB Pro Speed Controller with BEC

Hacker X-55 SB Pro Speed Controller with BEC

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X-55 SB Pro Speed Controller with BEC, from Hacker

The X-Pro Series Controllers, are sensorless speed controllers especially for Hacker Brushless A-Series Motors and other Brushless Motor Designs. Special programming options are provided to ensure the best possible power and performance from your motor system.

ESCDimensionsWeightVoltageCurrentHeli ModeUSB+Switching BECBEC load
X-5-Pro22x23x7mm5g (0.18oz)2-3 LiPo/5-10NC5A   2-3 Servos
X-7-Pro29x23x9mm10g (0.36oz)2-3 LiPo/5-10NC7AYesYes 2-3 Servos
X-12-Pro42x24x9mm15g (0.53oz)2-3 LiPo/5-10NC12AYesYes 2-3 Servos
X-20-Pro42x24x9mm16g (0.57oz)2-3 LiPo/5-10NC20AYesYes 2-4 Servos
X-30-Pro51x24x10mm24g (0.85oz)2-3 LiPo/5-10NC30AYesYes 2-4 Servos
X-40-SB-Pro75x28x10mm43g (1.4oz)2-6 LiPo/8-18NC40AYesYesYes2-6 Servos
X-40 OPTO-Pro75x28x10mm39g (1.4oz)2-6 LiPo/8-18NC40AYesYes N/A
X-55-SB-Pro75x28x10mm45g (1.6oz)2-6 LiPo/8-18NC55AYesYesYes2-6 Servos
X-70-SB-Pro75x28x13mm54g (1.9oz)2-6 LiPo/8-18NC70AYesYesYes2-6 Servos
X-70 OPTO-Pro75x28x13mm52g (1,9oz)2-6 LiPo/8-18NC70AYesYes N/A
X-75 OPTO-Pro80x28x13mm61g (2.14oz)5-10 LiPo/16-30NC75AYesYes N/A
X-80 OPTO-Pro-3D66x54x30mm135g (4.76oz)5-10 LiPo/16-30NC80AYesYes N/A
X-110 OPTO-Pro75x33x18mm89g (3.14oz)2-6 LiPo/8-18NC110AYesYes N/A

All ESCs are designed for the NiXX, LiFe and LiPo cells. Using the optional X-Pro-USB-Interface, precise adjustments are possible. The number of cells can be adjusted and also the cell Cutoff voltage can be selected. The user can define the exact Cut-off voltage to protect the LiPo against harmful deep discharging. All adjustments only need to be programmed once. The ESC automatically remembers the adjustments and does not need to be programmed over and over again.

A large range of X-Pro ESCs are available for many applications. Universal style ESCs operate from 5 to 30 NiMh cells and/or 2 to 10 LiPo cells. All ESCs have the possibility of timing adjustments. Thus the timing (Advance) can also be adapted to any Brushless Motor. The programming can be made very easily with the XPro-USB-Interface. Settings can also be read from the ESC and stored at the Computer. All X-Pro-ESCs are Stick programmable as before. A governor mode with active RPM-control is also inside.

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