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RealFlight 8 with InterLink-X Controller, Mode 2, by Great Planes

RealFlight 8 with InterLink-X Controller, Mode 2, by Great Planes

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RealFlight 8 with InterLink-X Controller, Mode 2, by Great Planes
FREE Upgrade to the Latest Horizon Hobby Edition - Call for Details

  • Unparalleled physics make RealFlight the #1 RC flight simulator on the market
  • Simple, intuitive interface—zero learning curve, zero hassle
  • Game-like challenges make flight training fun and fully interactive with at least ten levels of complexity
  • Multiplayer combat—challenge the best pilots in the world
  • Fly in detailed fields—day or night—and make them your own with FlexiField
  • More than 140 aircraft.
  • More than 40 flying sites and FlexiField Site Editor
  • Over a dozen new aircraft including the classic Riley Model B
  • Virtual reality compatibility for a truly immersive flight
  • FPV Airport flying site to test your racing skills
  • Improved 3D software compatibility
  • Immersive, upgraded graphics driven by UNIGINE, render the world in an unprecedented level of detail, aircraft are detailed to the panel lines and rivets
  • Drone flying skills can be honed with the most advanced simulations ever offered by RealFlight, intricate drone race courses as detailed as being at an actual field help pilots hone their FPV flying skills.
  • Many fan-favorite flying sites have been remastered such as Joe's Garage that bring nostalgic locales to new life
  • Fly without boundaries in the Sierra Nevada - 8 million acres of soaring
  • New international flying sites like Wasserkuppe in Germany, and Calahorra Castle in Spain
  • Tier-system game-like challenges to refine flying skills

Get your hands on the ultimate RC experience
Classic convenience meets enhanced capabilities in RealFlight 8! It brings back all the features and functionality of RF7.5 with several key upgrades. The same game-changing, supremely realistic physics which have drawn pilots to RealFlight since the first edition are back and further improved...and there’s so much more.

First up on the list of new capabilities—VR compatibility. Plug in a popular VR set available on the market and you're instantly at the field or behind the sticks. For full immersion, there's nothing else like it out there.

Plus, accessing the world of RealFlight is easier than ever with a simple, intuitive interface which virtually guarantees you'll be up and flying in moments. There’s zero learning curve, zero hassle, just flying fun. New for RealFlight 8, you can fly with the custom-designed InterLink controller or hook up a game console controller you might already have around the house.

Next up are the flying sites and aircraft—every flying site and aircraft from RF7.5 is back. Plus there are over a dozen new aircraft and a customized FPV flying site. Plus, you can customize everything to your satisfaction with aircraft and flying site software that has also been upgraded to accept even more detailed HD models.

Far from last, and certainly not least, the game-like challenges which have helped sharpen thousands of pilots’ skills are back and expanded so you get more tiers of balloon-popping, spot landing bang for your buck.

Trust in the RC flight simulator that has put more pilots in the air safely than any other, pick up your copy of RealFlight today!

Everything You Loved About RF7.5 Made Even Better
Upgraded drone racing physics put you on the cutting edge of RC. And the all-new FPV Airport site is packed with drone obstacles galore!

Compatible with popular VR sets!
A RealFlight first, RF8 is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC® VIVE™ VR sets (available separately).

Classic Feel, Upgraded Capabilities
Over 40 PhotoField™ and 3D sites and the beloved FlexiField™ site editor are back. Editing and importing custom aircraft is back and better than ever, allowing you to build and import more complex 3D models.

Realism is everything
RealPhysics™ make every flight more lifelike than with any other RC flight simulator. The controls are designed with input from full-scale pilots and the simulation performs thousands of calculations every second. Every control input results in immediate, accurate flight adjustments.

Using Multiplayer and your Internet connection you can fly with other RealFlight pilots. Hook up with an instructor for one-on-one tutoring, engage in combat with a single opponent or a patrol - or host multiplayer events for a whole squadron. You can invite guests, choose sites, aircraft and events, limit play by points or elapsed time - and automate it all, so you can join the fun, too. Multiplayer Combat Events include Dead Ringer, Machine Gun, Streamer Cut, Hardcore Combat, Rocket, and Paintball.

Combat Events
Select a single opponent from any number of participants and track his movement throughout the virtual arena. Pilot's License, choose a name, select an avatar, and create your own profile to share - including a personal statement and flight hours logged.

TrueView Realistic Lighting
Offers the visual impact of full-spectrum daylight, colors are brighter, truer and more intense. Contrasts are sharper at the extreme of black and white as well as between shades of the same color.

  • Vastly improved heli physics with features such as; Sound and Motion Physics, props and wheels blur, engine sound changes with RPM
  • Realism on Impact reacts to pilot's actions to save their heli after a hard landing or crash
  • "Full Coverage" Collision Detection, hundreds of sensor points for realistic reaction to impacts
  • Depth of Field Effect keeps model that is being flown the focal point
  • Night Flying-orient your flight to lights on the field below
  • First Person Video (FPV) pilot's eye view of flight
  • FlexiField Flying Site Editor-add buildings, trees and more
  • Overhead Site Map-shows aircraft and runway locations
  • Smoke Reaction-ultra realistic smoke and exhaust
  • Blade Stop Autos
  • Real Rendering-reveals fine details such as aircraft panel lines
  • Water Takeoffs and Landings w/seaplanes or float equipped aircraft
  • Accu-Model controls every aspect of aircraft and flying sites, changes wingspan, airfoils, glow or electric power, trim schemes and much more
  • Sky Grid-colored grid can be overlayed on the sky to ensure perfectly symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits
  • Wingtip and Rotary Trails allows pilot to trace their flight path
  • Reset/Rewind Button allows pilots to practice maneuvers, recreate aerobatics, and more. "Seek" function precisely pauses the action so pilot can analyze mistakes and correct them.
  • Support for generic Joysticks/Gamepads
  • TruFlo Wind Dynamics allow you to designate wind direction and speed, from blustery to mild


  • Airboat
  • AJ Slick (51 inch)
  • Albatros D.Va
  • AR-6 Endeavor
  • AT-6 Texan
  • B-25 Mitchell
  • Bede BD-5J
  • Cessna 182 Skylane
  • DynaFlite Bird of Time
  • Dynaflite Super Decathlon
  • ElectriFly BLT Park Flyer
  • ElectriFly Cirrus SR-22 Turbo
  • ElectriFly Edge 540
  • ElectriFly Edge 540 EP 3D XLC
  • ElectriFly ElectroStreak
  • ElectriFly Evader
  • ElectriFly FlatOuts Extra 300S
  • ElectriFly Fundango
  • ElectriFly PBY Catalina
  • ElectriFly Rifle
  • ElectriFly Slinger
  • ElctriFly Yak-54 3D
  • Extra 300L
  • F5D Pylon Racer
  • F86
  • Flyzone AirCore ME-109
  • Flyzone AirCore P-51 Mustang
  • Flyzone AirCore Principle
  • Flyzone Beechcraft Staggerwing
  • Flyzone Calypso
  • Flyzone Cessna 182
  • Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver
  • Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Float Plane
  • Flyzone Diablo Sport
  • Flyzone Diablo Trainer
  • Flyzone Hadron
  • Flyzone Millenium Master
  • Flyzone Mini Switch Sport
  • Flyzone Mini Switch Trainer
  • Flyzone Sensei
  • Flyzone SkyFly
  • Flyzone Skyfly 2
  • Flyzone Switch Sport
  • Flyzone Switch Trainer
  • Futaba Sky Leaf
  • Gary Wright Model Products E3D
  • Gee Bee R-2
  • General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper
  • Great Planes Avistar Elite
  • Great Planes Big Stik
  • Great Planes Big Stik with Floats
  • Great Planes Cap 232
  • Great Planes Factor 30cc
  • Great Planes Fling 2-Meter
  • Great Planes Kunai
  • Great Planes Micro F-86 Sabre EDF
  • Great Planes Proud Bird
  • Great Planes PT40
  • Great Planes Revolver
  • Great Planes SpaceWalker
  • Great Planes Spirit 100
  • Great Planes Super Sportster
  • Great Planes Super Sportster w/Floats
  • Great Planes Ultra Sport
  • Great Planes Yak-54 Foamy
  • Hall Bulldog
  • Harrier
  • Hawk
  • Hobbico ElectriStar
  • Hobbico NexSTAR
  • Hobbico NexSTAR w/AFS
  • Hobbico NexSTAR EP
  • Hobbico NexSTAR EP w/AFS
  • Hobbico Twinstar
  • L-39 Albatross
  • ME262
  • Messerschmitt BF109e
  • Mini Switch
  • Mistral 3M
  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero
  • Multiplex Easy Star
  • Multiplex ParkMaster 3D
  • North American AT-6 Texan
  • P-6E Hawk
  • P-51D Mustang
  • Paper Airplane
  • PAU Edge 540 36%
  • Piper J-3 Cub
  • Piper J-3 Cub with Floats
  • Pitts S-2B
  • Quadcopter
  • RF-97
  • Revolver
  • Riley Model B
  • Ripmax WOT 4
  • Russian Thunder Yak-54
  • Ryan STA
  • Sbach Thunderbolt 35%
  • Schneider Cup Racer
  • Seawind
  • Sensei
  • Shuriken 60" Sloper
  • Sig Seniorita
  • Simple Flyer
  • SkyShip
  • Sopwith Pup
  • Travel Air Mystery Ship
  • Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane
  • Top Flite F4U Corsair
  • Top Flite FW-190
  • Top Flite Giant Zero
  • Tower Hobbies Extra Special
  • Ultimate Biplane
  • V-22 Osprey
  • Wild RC Mini IFO
  • Wright Flyer (1903)
  • Yak 54


  • AH-64 Apache
  • Align T-Rex 500
  • Bell 222
  • Bell 222 Scale Head
  • Bell Jetranger
  • Bell Jetranger Scale Head
  • Dominion 3D
  • Dominion 3D 90
  • Dominion 3D 90 Flybarless
  • Dominion 400
  • Dominion 450
  • Ecureuil
  • Ecureuil Scale Head
  • Gaui X7
  • Helimax Axe 400 3D
  • Helimax Axe CP
  • Helimax Axe EZ
  • Hind Mi-24
  • Huey
  • KDE 700
  • Mako F3C
  • Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Furion 450
  • Rave 90 ENV
  • Rave ENV Electric
  • Schweizer
  • Schweizer with Floats
  • Skycrane
  • Synergy E6
  • Synergy E7
  • Synergy N5c
  • Synergy 766
  • Thunder Tiger E700
  • Thunder Tiger Raptor G4 E720
  • Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 G4
  • Thunder Tiger Innovator Expert
  • T-Rex 500
  • Tutor 600
  • Tutor 600 Trainer
  • Westland Lynx


  • Explorer 580
  • Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer
  • Helimax 1SQ
  • H4 Quadcopter 520
  • Helimax FORM500
  • Helimax Voltage 500 3D
  • Hexacopter 780
  • Hubsan X4 Pro
  • Octocopter 1000
  • Quadcopter
  • Quadcopter X
  • Rise RXS255
  • Scorpion Sky Strider 280
  • Tempest 250
  • Tempest 280
  • Tiny Terror 150
  • Tricopter 900
  • X8 Quadcopter 1280
  • xCraft X PlusOne
  • Xiro Xplorer

PhotoField Sites:

  • Alpine Meadow
  • Carl Henson Field
  • Evergreen Airport
  • Gold Country Aeromodeler Park
  • Grass Flatlands
  • Grass Flatlands (Night)
  • Lake Douglas
  • LIARS Field
  • Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark
  • Sod Farm
  • Waco Field

3D Flying Sites:

  • Air Race Desert
  • Air Race Stadium
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Alpine Lake
  • Apocalypse
  • Bayou
  • Boneyard
  • Buena Vista
  • Carnival
  • Castle
  • Castle HD
  • Construction Site
  • DS Ridgeline
  • FPV Racing Site
  • Flight School
  • Flight School (Night)
  • Japanese Temple
  • Joe's Garage
  • Joe's Garage (HD)
  • Junkyard
  • Marooned
  • Observatory
  • Obstacle Course
  • Obstacle Course (Night)
  • Palace
  • RealFlight Ranch
  • Sandy Point
  • Shipwreck
  • Sierra Nevada Cliff
  • Sky Carrier
  • Soccer Field
  • Soccer Field HD
  • Thermal Park

Online activation
May be flown with the new upgraded Interlink-X Controller, Interlink Elite Controller or your own transmitter with a wired or wireless interface

System Requirements:

Minimum Recommended System:

  • Some graphical features may be lowered or disabled.
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. 64bit
  • Local administrator access required
  • Quad-core processor
  • AMD FX-4300 or equivalent
  • DirectX 11 Mid-Range Video Card with 2 GB of video memory
  • GTX 460 or better
  • Integrated video cards not recommended
  • 30 GB Hard Drive Space
  • 4GB of RAM
  • DVD Drive

Optimal System:

  • I7-6700 Processor or equivalent
  • nVidia GTX 1060, Radeon RX 480, or equivalent
  • 32 GB RAM
  • SSD Hard Drive
  • Online Activation Required
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