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Large Composite UAT, 260ml Air Trap, for 190-300N Turbines, by GBR Jets

Large Composite UAT, 260ml Air Trap, for 190-300N Turbines, by GBR Jets

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Large Composite UAT, 260ml Air Trap, for 190-300N Turbines, by GBR Jets

Dimensions: Height: 55mm (63mm fitted to base plate), Width: 55mm, Length: 115mm (129.5mm inc barbs)

The Composite Air Trap - "CAT" - is a purpose made hopper/air trap device, constructed from composite materials and supplied complete with a special ply mounting frame. The frame provides a simple, light and easy installation solution.

The CAT is designed to prevent air reaching the turbine, either by ingress due to filling etc or by the action of cavitation. The CAT due to its construction provides a very strong and rigid fuel cell which resists any collapse due to suction, this helps prevent cavitation and coupled with very high flow bores throughout the fittings the fuel supply to the turbine is kept as unrestricted as possible.

The CAT is designed to be sealed for life, unlike almost every other product on the market, which use screw threads to seal caps. Any opening with a seal is a potential failure point which could result in an air leak during use resulting in a turbine flameout. Internally the filtered pick up is matched in surface area to the volume of the CAT, matching turbine fuel draw requirements - its not a one size fits all solution.

If filtered clean fuel is used the CAT will require NO maintenance, if there is a suspected filter blockage a simple reverse flush will remove the debris.

Each CAT is pressure tested to 40 psi prior to dispatch, and all assembly is done using high quality Hysol 9462 epoxy. Resins and glass cloth are West Systems. Depending on the CAT size there are three barb fittings on the front face, one in the center which is the output to the pump, one at around 11 o'clock which is the fuel in supply from the main tank(s), and a smaller third fitting which is the system fuel fill - this fitting is designed to be smaller than the others to help prevent over pressure during the fill sequence helping to prevent damage to the main tanks.

CAT's can be mounted in almost any orientation, care must however be taken to ensure the two fittings on the outer edge of the front face are in the uppermost position so any air can be removed via the fill line - unless the CAT is positioned vertically when this is not a requirement.
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