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Inline Vacuum Filter, ClearView

Inline Vacuum Filter, ClearView


Item:   CV 1J4
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Inline Vacuum Filter, ClearView

Instant visual reference of Air Pump Deterioration.

Guaranteed for the life of the Air Pump - Approved by the FAA for "change only as needed"

Factory installed on all Mooney Aircraft since 1995. Save the unneccesary expense of changing the standard metal can filters on every annual inspection or every 500 hours.

Designed originally as a direct replacement for 1J4-6 and 1J4-7 metal can filters, the Ultem 1000 high-temperature high-impact transparent plastic body filter aids in monitoring carbon dust contamination produced by carbon rotor-vane air pump wear during normal operation in "pressure" gyro systems. Any sudden increase in filter contamination will warn the operator of excessive pump wear caused by faulty system components or a failing dry air pump.

Mooney adopted use of the CV1J4 Clear View filter on their "vacuum" gyro instrument systems to eliminate gyro failures on their Mooney 231 and 252 aircraft when they realized these failures were being caused by carbon contamination when a vacuum pump fails. They determined that when a dry air pump fails, the rotor and vanes typically disintegrate, shearing the coupling. This sudden loss of vacuum generation converts the gyros into a vacuum reservoir that immediately draws carbon dust from the failed pump back into the vaccuum system, contaminating the regulator, vacuum lines and both gyros.

Mooney learned from this analysis that installing a filter between the dry air pump and vacuum regulator will prevent gyro instrument failure due to carbon dust contamination. All Mooney M20 model aircraft are now equipped with the CV1J4 "Clear View" inline filter for constant gyro protection from the factory. The CV1J4 is also FAA approved for older M20J and M20K aircraft.

Guaranteed for the life of the Air Pump - Change only as needed per visual inspection.

FAA Approved for:
  • Beechcraft F33, F33A, F33C, G33, V35B, 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, 95-B55 D55, e55, 56TC, A56TC, 58, 58P, 58TC, B60, A65, 70, 76, 65-B80
  • Mooney M20J, M20K M20M Aircraft
  • Piper PA-31, PA31-300, PA31-325, PA31-350, PA31P, PA31T2, PA31P-350, PA34-200T
  • Twin Commander 700
  • Gulfstream GA-7

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