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Behotec JB220 Turbine Engine, 50 lbs Thrust

Behotec JB220 Turbine Engine, 50 lbs Thrust

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Behotec JB220 Turbine Engine, 50 lbs Thrust

The JB220 Turbine Produces 50lbs of Thrust & Only Adds 3.62 lbs of Weight!
Behotec Turbines Manuals - Click Here

  • Worldwide, the most powerful turbine in it's class, when you compare the diameter, weight, thrust
  • Standard size turbine for all large Jet models with a weight limit of 25 kg
  • This set brings a weight saving of around 2.7 lbs (1210 grams), compared with turbines of equal thrust class
  • The turbine can be operated with de-rated thrust as well, so even smaller models can use it
  • A significant fuel savings when compared to the fuel consumption of a standard 160-180N turbine
  • Proven design with very little maintenance
  • Easy operation through integrated 12V kerosene burner
  • The turbine calibrates itself automatically
  • Optimized kerosene consumption at around 720ml/min
  • Super fast acceleration and dynamic speed
The JB220 is based up the advancement of the legendary JB180 Gold Edition. The turbine is equipped with a 5 axle CNC milled compressor. This is made of special high-strength aluminum alloy. The combustion chamber technology combined with the compressor allows a very fast acceleration, excellent quiet running, as well as extraordinary dynamics to the turbine. The engine is provided as a standard with a starter and with all accessories necessary for the installation less battery. Test run certificate, delivered. The turbine is only available with kerosene start. The kerosene burner and also the temperature probe is fully integrated. The provided ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is using a special software for the JB220 and need only one receiving channel. The turbine electronic under the front cover is equipped with an I/D chip. For current supply a 3S LiPo 2500mAh is recommended. A 2-year factory warranty is provided on the turbine.

JB220 Turbine Set Includes:

  • Turbine with electric starter
  • ECU (engine control unit), GSU ( ground support unit )
  • Set of cables, ProJet manuals
  • Kerosene valve
  • Behotec kerosene pump, type P-7-2
  • Turbine mount
  • Turbine handbook
  • Testrun certificate
  • Additional Items: Kerosene filter, feltclunk, clunk adapter tubing for kerosene, wrench, Tygon tubing
  • Diameter: 113mm / 4.45"
  • Length: 313mm / 12.32"
  • Weight: 1640g / 3.62lbs
  • Max. thrust: 220N / 49.46lbs @ 123,000 rpm
  • Min. thrust: 8,05N – 1.7~1.81lbs @ 35,000 rpm
  • Fuel consumption @max. thrust: ~ 720 ml/min
  • Exhaust gas temperature@ max. thrust: ~ 750°
  • Fuel: Diesel or Jet A1 (+5% turbine oil)
  • Acceleration: 35.000 - 120.000 rpm, 4 seconds aprox.
  • Acceleration: 60.000 – 120.000 rpm, 1 second aprox.
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